3am magazine is a remarkable online literary journal founded in 2000. Submissions are open for Poem Brut works to be published in the poetry section of the magazine. Email submissions to sjfowler@3amMagazine.com with Poem Brut in the subject heading. Works which fit the following definition are of interest

  • Poems exploring handwriting, abstraction, illustration, asemic and pansemic writing, visual poetry and material process, colour, scribbling, scrawlings, crossings out, ink, forgotten notes, found text, interaction between paper and pen, and pencil, geometric poems, inarticulate poems, minimalism, collage, toilet wall writing. No works produced on a computer.

All editions of Poem Brut on 3am magazine below :

Olga Moskvina poem brut #18 – dread variations published 02/12/2017

Julia Schuster poem brut #17 – three letters published 26/11/2017

Sean Cearley poem brut #16 – marked stamped published 17/11/2017

Patrick Cosgrove poem brut #15 – (they haven’t really got titles)published 13/11/2017

Francesco Aprile poem brut #14 – scansione published 04/11/2017

Federico Federici the poem brut #13 – caged alphabets published 25/10/2017

Nathan Walker the poem brut #12 – flax published 13/10/2017

Imogen Reid the poem brut #11 – 56, 189 & other poems published 12/09/2017

Sarah Marina the poem brut #10 – super ted supplement published 01/09/2017

Hiromi Suzuki the poem brut #9 – three untitled visual poems published 11/07/2017

Mette Norrie the poem brut #8 – i am looking published 25/11/2016

Ekaterina Samigulina & Karen Karnak the poem brut #7 – asemic translations of marina tsvetayeva & other poems published 15/04/2016

Kate Wakeling the poem brut #6 – three asemic poems published 28/03/2016

Rosaire Appel the poem brut #5 – airport published 29/11/2015

Tomáš Přidal the poem brut #4 – chair fears not the dead published 19/11/2015

Matt Jakubowski the poem brut #3 – corner of the world published 20/04/2015

Volodymyr Bilyk the poem brut #2 – heartbeat, footclick and machine gun vocalises published 09/04/2015

Mark Dow the poem brut #1 – barf bag rag published 01/02/2014