Poem Brut at National Poetry Library - June Wednesday 6th Southbank Centre www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whats-on/128811-poem-brut-2018

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A literary event celebrating of the visual, visceral, messy, handwritten and colourful in poetry with new unique commissions from writers exploring alternate ways of making literature. Each presentation will be different from the last, with readings and performances alongside pop up exhibits, interactions, video poems and interactions. 

Featuring new work from Maja Jantar, Saradha Soobrayen, Chrissy Williams, Paul Hawkins, Patrick Cosgrove, Harry Man, SJ Fowler and more. 

Works on the night

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Chrissy Williams - Charting a Way Nautical charts are graphic representations of areas of water, showing natural features, hazards and other points of interest. They are essential tools for navigation, and complex journeys are plotted over them using simple markings. This piece will invite you to subvert the authority of the nautical chart in support of the poetic. 

SJ Fowler will be launching a new book - Selected Scribbling & Scrawling  ""The scrawl or doodle is not a by-product of distraction; it is an active production of the mind when concentration moves downwards in the brain. It is the poetry of the mind’s rearguard, and it is more often a product of writing, pen in hand, than it is a visual art. So why should poetry, the language art, not have held scribbling to its chest? This volume of SJ Fowler’s collected works in the line let loose tradition attempts to return the wandering shapes of letters and words back to the front. Selected from over 1300 works spanning 11 & ½ years and touching upon asemic and pansemic writing, widely varying in tone, density, form and character, this selection of poems shows SJ Fowler’s fundamental impatience and childishness."

Poem Brut is an exploration of poetry and colour, handwriting, composition, abstraction, scribbling, and illustration, affirming the possibilities of the page, the pen, the pencil - in a computer age - generating over a dozen events, multiple exhibitions, workshops, conferences and publications. www.poembrut.com