Poem Brut / Rich Mix III : March 17th 2018

A remarkable eveningcelebrating the visual, visceral, messy, handwritten and colourful in poetry with new unique commissions from writers exploring alternate ways of making literature. 

The third Poem Brut event at Rich Mix featured new work from Lavinia Singer, Julia Rose Lewis, Julia Schuster, Christian Patracchini, Mischa Foster Poole, Ruhi Parmar Amin, Andre Bagoo, Saradha Soobrayen

Works on the night :

Lavinia Singer - Sigils and Signatures An exploration of the use of sigils and signatures: as seals, to protect and make private; as signs, to mark and authenticate; and as symbols, to charge and conjure.

Andre Bagoo The Scarlet Ibis: For a brief moment, meditation on Trinidad and Tobago's national bird becomes a Carnival mas; a contrivance used to ask questions about art, taking flight from Heidegger's, ‘The Origin of the Work of Art’—all raging in the shadow of Ovid’s Ibis, all seeking to give voice to margins and the marginal, all asking questions about freedom and its limits. 

Retracing Chagos-nica  Aleppo-nica and Guernica - Working as a Live Arts Activist, Saradha Soobrayen's 'Tracing Scrolls' are a product of her current tensions between writing, art and political action. The live mic unravelling process seeks to reveal, retrace and remake the scrolls in connection with the daily hypocrisy and fabricated news.

Julia LewisAlfalfa Darbepoetin Alfa What is lost when words are wasted between medicine and poetry?  This is a more specific formulation of the question Anne Carson uses as a refrain in Economy of the Unlost.  What is lost is who is lost is the patient.  My project focuses on how poetry can help the cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy find themselves inside the medical discourse and decisions being made.  Medical literature discusses the lines of chemotherapy given to a patient, each line consists of at least one chemotherapy drug and accompanying pre and post medications.  Each line of chemotherapy is selected by the medical oncologist with the same care that line of a poem is crafted and selected by a poet; the treatment history of a cancer patient is compatible to a poem written inside the body of the patient.  The work I will be presenting, ‘Alfalfa/ Darbepoetin Alfa’ is meant to incorporate the medical and the experiential into a prayer shared by the doctor and patient, to translate the body of the medicine into the body of the patient.